23rd - 26th June 2011


The themes being addressed during the Anna Lindh Exchange Forum will be:

Creativity for Change: Culture and Artistic Expression

  • The role of arts and cultural creation in supporting new forms of citizenship
  • Cultural cooperation policies in contexts of social and political change
  • Major challenges for the cultural industries in the new social environment
  • How can cultural interactions promote multiculturalism in the EuroMed societies

Spreading Ideas:Global and Social Media for Social Expression

  • Media reporting in supporting intercultural dialogue, human rights and social change
  • The role of new media and social networking in bringing people together
  • The role of social institutions and communities for people`s mobilisation and empowerment
  • Synergies and cross initiatives for promoting free debate and opinion-making

Spaces for Participation:Civil Society Development, Dialogue and Tools for Citizenship

  • The role of NGOs in developing democratic and multicultural societies
  • Developing intercultural tools for social movements
  • Addressing human rights and diversity in societies under change
  • Improving education and intercultural learning for citizenship