23rd - 26th June 2011

Tunis Forum: Is it just another gathering ??

I've participated before in too many gatherings, too many meetings of civil society across the Mediterranean region. I won't deny that these kind of meetings are very useful in terms of networking, making face to face contact with people from different nationalities, different cultures, different visions. But usually it just ends here!! ... with no follow up, no real impact, no real solutions for the challenges the civil society is facing nowadays.

However, the Anna Lindh Foundation's Exchange Forum in Tunisia is taking place in an exceptional moment: First big gathering to take place in the aftermath of the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt; bringing together more than 200 Arab and European activists; taking place at Tunisia "The cradle" of the Arab Spring, which is hosting for the first time in its history, as far as i know, such an important gathering of civil society movements; and the most important, the Forum will involve some fresh blood, young arabs who have just started their social and political activism, creating their own movements, unions and groups, a privilege from which they couldnt benefit in the past, before the important and historical changes that occurred in the region.

In general, the Tunis Forum seems very promising for arab activists who, just like me, dont really have a long experience in the field of promoting democracy and citizenship within their own societies.

But is it going to end up just like another gathering where people meet, have fun, then forget about it all once they step outside the conference rooms? Or people are now more keen to learn, make a real impact, and believe more and more in their potentials in occuring changes within their community? Is the European experience in democratic transtion really useful for their arab counterparts, or each society, and each country has its own unique experience in democratic transition? Is this huge gathering able to really generate creative ideas, and concrete solutions for the Arab civil society in order to face the challenges they are witnessing nowadays? ... Hope to find some answers to these questions at the Tunis Forum which will start tomorrow at 9.30. Watch the Live Broadcast tomorrow and tell us your opinion.

I really neeedd to find this

I really neeedd to find this info, thank God!

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You are so awesome for helping me solve this mtysery.