23rd - 26th June 2011

Spreading Ideas

Good Practice : Read Between the Lines! Media Education, Freedom of Expression and Youth Participation

CDN will organise a seminar in Turkey in April 2012 entitled Read Between the Lines! Media Education, Freedom of Expression and Youth Participation.
The seminar aims to raise greater awareness of freedom of expression, transparency, democracy, pluralism and...

Good Practice : Formation des professionnels des médias aux droits de l’Homme

En Algérie, Face au blocage du système politique, c’est à la société civile de se mobiliser pour devenir un acteur du changement démocratique. Mais celle-ci est encore fragile, en raison notamment des empêchements à agir et à s’organiser de la part des autorités....

Good Practice : Elections - Early Warning System

Presentation on early warning system for elections, identifying and dealing with the risks for the election process

Blog entry : “On this earth what makes life worth living”

Here we are almost 10 days since the cloture of the Tunis Exchange Forum; loads of cheerful emails from the participants are still filling our inboxes, a sign of the successful gathering.

Call me retarded, but frankly I am still digesting half the discussions...

Blog entry : Peace is...

Peace is a loaded word. It seems to imply the opposite of one thing - War. But should it mean more??

One of the speakers at the Tunis Forum believed that it should mean more, and I am convinced now of the same.

Just because peace exists dosen't mean...

Video : Tunis Exchange Forum - video of 1

Video Editing of Day one of the Tunis Exchange Forum by Hanaa Youssef

Good Practice : Journalism 3.0

This is an interactive web book project about media development, initiated by Swedish Radio’s Director General Mats Svegfors and Deputy Director General Cilla Benkö. The aim of the project is to arouse debate around the subject of media development, not to instruct...

Video : SNAPEST ALGERIE/Nous réitérons nos encouragements pour le déroulement de votre forum

النّقابة الوطنية المستقلّة لأساتذة التّعليم الثّانوي والتّقني
منظمة نقابية معتمدة تحت رقم : 90 / 2007
كرامة – فعالية – حوار



Good Practice : The Global Experts

This is a website from the United Nations Alliance for Civilisation which aims at connecting Journalists to Experts. Also sends out news alerts.

Blog entry : Tunis Forum: Is it just another gathering ??

I've participated before in too many gatherings, too many meetings of civil society across the Mediterranean region. I won't deny that these kind of meetings are very useful in terms of networking, making face to face contact with people from different nationalities...

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