23rd - 26th June 2011

Youth involvement in elections

1- Forming a network of civil society organization at Qena governorate to monitor parliament and presidential elections for fair election and to prevent election fraud. The network which consists of 5 NGOs at Qena governorate trained 100 of youth on election monitoring. This network succeeded in monitor Shora Council election last June 2010 and People Assembly election last Nov. 2010 and issued a report about the violations made during the election. This network is preparing itself to monitor the coming parliament election in Sept. 2011 and then the presidential election few months after parliament election.
2- Also promoting women political participation at Qena governorate. Because women at Qena especially at villages do not participate in elections as voters or candidates because of traditions. But we succeeded in reaching to women at home by female political mentors visits regularly and publishing a political literacy book. The book contains political information that open women mind and encourage her to participate in the political life.

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South Egypt development Association
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